Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Planning a trip to Europe? It will be incomplete if you do not include Sweden on your list to visit. Sweden is a country that is blessed with beautiful landscapes and large cities with rich cultural history and heritage, all of these things make the blend of the country.

The country is much popular because it serves as a home to the midnight sun, the northern lights reindeers, the adorable huskies as well.

To experience all of these beauties a trip to Sweden is a must.

No donut, Sweden is an amazing place where you will find different things ranging from the ice hotels to the enchanting rides the trekking routes as well.

So, if you are planning to travel towards Sweden then make sure to read this guide till the end as it is going to be very helpful for you. 

In this travel guide, you will get a shortlist of the top tourist attractions to visit in Sweden.

Let’s take a look at those.


Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. This Swedish capital is well known and highly recognized to be a spot that has something to give everybody.

Flaunting stylishly structured architecture and, mixing the current era with the old one consummately with the cobblestoned roads of the old town. This mix of various periods can likewise be seen in the eateries of Stockholm as they serve the customary dinner and furthermore the cutting edge Nordic cuisines.

Some top tourist attractions in Stockholm include Djurgarden, Skansen, and the Vasa Museum.


Gothenburg is the second-largest city located in Sweden. 

It has its own charm regardless of the fact that it has been overshadowed by the glamour of Stockholm.

The old space of this city is being reinvented now and this place has now become a base for different Michelin star restaurants that are lined side by side across the streets, the rusted warehouses that are now transformed into spectacular art galleries.

The beautiful and picture perfect streets are the ideal places to visit if you are a nightcrawler. All of these things make this place one of the top tourist attractions in Sweden.

Some top places to visit in Gothenburg include the Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg Museum Art, and the Archipelago.


Abisko is a place where you can experience the wonders of nature in the form of an amazing sight that you can easily capture.

This amazing wonder is located on the north side of the Arctic circle, in a small village in Sweden.

This place is a home for different wonderful sights such as the Aurora Borealis and the midnight sun.

People from all across the globe come here just to take an overview of the green and blue sky of the night in winders as well as in summers.

The midnight sun is the centre of attraction in Abisko.

You can also visit the nearby Aurora Sky Station that is also referred to as a tourist attraction in Abisko.