Discovering the fantastic destinations of Azerbaijan

Since the advent of the 1980s, Azerbaijan had become one of the leading holiday destinations. However, the tourism of this country saw a massive blow after the Nagorno-Karabakh war in 1990. It took about ten years for a business to restart and recover in the area, and tourism started gaining popularity again in the year 2000. Isabel is famous for its religious spa and healthcare tourism and gives every traveller something to cherish during their trip.

Gaining peak and popularity once again

The country had surely slept for a decade, but it slowly picked up face and is now one of the world’s most sorted travel destinations. It has some of the most astonishing architectural monuments and historical relics with rich backgrounds. You can also visit the ancient town of Baku, which will fill you up with amazing stories. It was also declared as one of the world’s heritage sites by UNESCO in the year 2000. Baku has many monuments that include the Palace of Shirvanshahs, the Maiden Tower, and the Synyk gala or the Broken Tower.

The different cultural locations

Ateshgah is one of the fascinating Baku locations with a fire temple created from the 17-18th century. It is also a prima tourism round for the bodies that use the sacred fire for the same. If you want to discover a little more history, you can visit the Azerbaijan Heritage museum, which is also situated in Baku. More than 300,000 artefacts in the museum speak about the rich history here. They include coin minting, money circulation, and other obsidian resources of the Mesolithic, Palaeolithic, and the later stone age. The museum also has a wide variety of wares, pitchers, vessels, carpets, and other armory collections from the different nations and eras.

About Gobustan rock art cultural landscape

The Gobustan rock art cultural landscape in Baku was established in the year 1966. It is not only a trendy tourist destination of the world but is also quite famous for its consequence shall 6000 Rock carvings, which were created between 40000 to 5000 BC. UNESCO declared this place as a World Heritage site in 2007, along with a few other historical monuments. Baku also holds some famous monuments such as the Mardakan Castle and Palace of Sheki Khans in Sheki, which are sure to entice you equally.


Azerbaijan has a beautiful historical impact in the minds of all history lovers around the world. It is not only the cultural heritage but also famous for its educational reforms. Six beautiful parks are adorning the country, including the Hirkan National Park in the Lankaran region, Shirvan National Park in Shirvan Region, Ag-Gel National Park, and the Ordubad National Park in Ordubad, the Absheron national park and the Altyaghach National Park in the same area. Apart from that, there are many other beautiful museums all around Azerbaijan makes travelers crave for visiting here throughout the year. So what are you waiting for? If the idea of visiting the country already entices you, pack your bags right away and set foot for your journey!