The Roman Holiday Package Highlights Extravagance

Rome is defined by the air of history in every nook and corner. The city of archeological ruins has an enigmatic charisma that allures people from far and wide to discover its rich heritage. So, if you too have an inanimate pull towards the fascinating history and ruins, here is your chance to visit the city and live your dreams.

Right from exploring the great Vatican City and discovering its amazing artifacts in the preserved museum, you can always delve into the past of the pantheons while relishing a mouth-watering pizza. Rome had a great role in spreading the word of Christianity. So, this tour will also prove to be a learning experience for you that will sketch a memory in your heart forever.

The incredible legacy 

The Roman legacy has a huge impact in shaping modern history. Its contribution towards drafting modern-day Governance, linguistics, engineering, architecture, and the law has been outstanding.

The Roman Civilization has played a pivotal role in framing the senate’s platitudes, trial by jury, civil rights, and so on.

Fabulous ruins of the fascinating civilization

The Roman Empire has a significant architectural contribution standing to a long stretch of over a thousand years. Every majestic archeological wonder has a story to tell and is indeed an outstanding chapter of western civilization.

The Arch of Septimius Severus and Titus, the pantheons, and the Atrium Vestae speak at lengths about the impact of Christianity and the importance of religion that beholds in shaping the rich saga of Rome. While in the city, you have to explore the majestic Coliseum’s legacy and the great Constantine at Basilica of Maxentius. However, a quintessential part of the Roman legacy also lies in the Circus of Maximum and Maxentius.

The Roman Museum

The Roman Museum beholds some of the rarest artifacts, innumerable artwork paintings, sculptures, and various antiquities. You must take a trip to the Vatican museum with a high value of aesthetic, artistic, and symbolic significance and a rich collection of artifacts, artwork, and sculpture right from its inception in 1506 by Pope Julius II. Another popular museum of Rome is the Capitoline Museum, the first public prototype museum established in 1471. Apart from the huge collection of marble statues and Roman bronze, several artifacts were also collected by the successive Popes.

Hitting the Sea

Bathing finds tremendous significance in the Greek and Roman Civilizations. The city started with its modern development surrounding the sea to accommodate recreational activities for families and children. However, if the pages of history are to be turned, you can see that libraries, swimming pools, gyms, and spas have always been an inherent part of the Roman legacy.

The Ostia beach resort built in the 1930s gives you exposure to various recreational activities such as tennis, beach soccer, beach volleyball, etc. You can also explore the magnificent coastline of Lido beach.

Rome has an eccentric history and a fabulous story to tell. Delve into its delight. And if not the stories, the Roman Cuisine comprising the mesmerizing spaghetti, pizza, and maritozzo with cream will surely enchant you. Connect with your travel agents and make your travel plans right away. Good luck!